Development of a Mobile, Modular, Flexible Hydrogen Storage System

Project MMH2P


Potential use cases based on volatile energies include plans for the targeted supply of residential areas, public facilities and industrial parks with power and heat from fuel cell cogeneration plants as well as renewable hydrogen car-sharing programs. Joint testing will be conducted in isolated and grid operation in the HYPOS network with H2-Home users and in conjunction with the H2-Netz hydrogen network to demonstrate and study MMH2P’s dynamics. This will make it possible to design a system for individual use cases based on the data compiled in the network.

The objective of MMH2P is to develop a portable, modular hydrogen storage system that employs Cross Dynamic Energy Management (XDEMS) to manage operation and loads specifically for isolated and grid solutions and operates as an ancillary service provider. MMH2P will be a service storage system, user, resource, manager and transmitter all in one. This makes MMH2P a link in microgrids and small systems connecting distributed applications since experience has shown that mobile and other niche uses are the first commercial domains of a system. The project will close this supply gap.


Project period:

  • 01.03 2019 - 30.06 2021