Assistance Systems for Manufacturing and Logistics

Making Decisions Quickly and Reliably

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In keeping with the vision of Industrie 4.0, people’s role in manufacturing is changing from workforce to inspectors, overseers and decision makers. The relocation of decision authority to the factory floor is distributing production control bit by bit. The outcome is a more flexible and more agile production system that can adapt to scheduling changes or disrupted operations more rapidly and more precisely. Given the complexity of advanced machinery and production systems, this trend is ushering in new challenges.

On the one hand, employees in both manufacturing and organizational unit must receive basic and continuous training to be optimally prepared for the new tasks. On the other hand, executives must also be provided with tools that supply them with all the information needed to make the right decisions for optimal results.

We custom develop such systems for various use scenarios, such as the optimization of logistics and component sequences in assembly lines or the efficient control of capacities in staff scheduling. We believe that, rather than replace people, assistance systems ought to supply and assist decision makers with all necessary information and minimize work overloads.