Building Information Modeling

Our Contribution to Digital Building Modeling

How can building design processes be connected digitally?

Building Information Modeling or BIM for short is a method of progressively designing and implementing construction projects based on actively connecting everyone involved in a specific construction project. Construction projects are nevertheless interdisciplinary projects involving numerous heterogeneous parties. Although work with models in the construction industry has been made significantly easier for every party involved in these days of ongoing digitalization, the wide variety of data formats and types of architectural models have resulted in poor interoperability among these parties.

This is why the Fraunhofer IFF is researching to:

  • develop IFC-capable tools for interfaces between typical design tools,
  • distribute resources (machines, staff, material, etc.) optimally across-projects,
  • collect digital data from diverse sources centrally and supply design results distributedly,
  • boost data performance and reduce resource use, and
  • cut costs of changes in construction projects

… to organize construction projects more efficiently and more cost effectively.


BIM tools facilitate and shorten design and construction. BIM brings the parties in the different phases of construction and subcontractors closer together, thus reducing poor planning and coordination substantially.

Why BIM?

  • better communication and interface coordination,
  • more reliable scheduling and budgeting through better change management,
  • better risk management through greater transparency during design, and
  • higher quality project information through flexible visualizations from the 3D models.


What are we contributing to BIM for the construction value chain?

We are experts in the use of BIM methodology and employ our digital design tools to generate BIM-capable models where needed. We will help you define your BIM objectives and use cases and devise a viable strategy for digital building modeling. Our Digital Room Book provides the best conditions for saving and managing project data. We assist you as you transition to collaborative design and planning based on all digital and linked information relevant to a building in one data source – from the factory model through construction logistics.

A 3D model of the Fraunhofer IFF Virtual Development and Training Centre.