Design Table

Usability and Acceptance in Facility Layout Studies

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The transition to Industrie 4.0 is necessitating dealing with increasingly critical demands in increasingly shorter periods. In the process, the factory structure must be efficiently adjusted to the production systems in order to optimize information and material streams and thus manufacturing operations. Sustainably ensuring the adaptability and flexibility of a factory with cost (manufacturing, maintenance, storage, etc.) and time (cycle times, delivery time, setup time, etc.) hotspots is essential.

Our intuitive design table creates structure in a 3D multi-touch environment. It is an effective tool that collects and visualizes complex technical information in digital factory design. The design process is supplemented by virtual manufacturing models, thus enabling faster and more efficient completion of certain design jobs together with clients while incorporating value stream analyses.

Benefits of the Fraunhofer IFF design table:

  • interactive observation and testing of changes in a 3D environment – without any knowledge of CAD,
  • less labor and time required to make decisions,
  • visualization and simulation of custom layouts,
  • workshop discussion of layouts in a team,
  • direct quantification (costs, path lengths, times) of different design options in real time, and
  • increased acceptance among everyone involved when designing future factory structures,

… thus ensuring faster and more effective action.

Whether you are reorganizing or designing greenfield land, we will help you identify the concrete actions required and systematically draft energy- and resource-efficient facility layouts.