Digital Business Models

Identifying Disruptive Changes and Refining Business Models

Digital transformation is based on a change process. Digitalization is not only affecting finished products but also changing the way we live and work with each other. Businesses have to recognize their industry’s trends specifically and analyze whether their own business model can resist economic turbulence, handle digital disruptions, and hold up in the future. Businesses have to face the challenge of satisfying customer demands better by adding value adding, thus ensuring sustainable efficiency and market survival. Decision-makers can arrive at viable solutions and actively innovate in their own business by scrutinizing their business model with effective tools.

  • How can I digitalize existing business models and why should I?
  • How can I develop new business models?
  • What is the right method to establish business model innovation?
  • What capabilities and what risks result for my business?
  • How can I handle resistance to change processes?

We want to provide answers to these questions and develop solutions together with you. We will help you identify harbingers of changes. We use presentations, workshops and joint projects to break down barriers to getting started, to establish trust, and to encourage and empower you and your business to face the technological challenges of digitalization effectively.