Digital Room Book

Rapid and Targeted Demand Analysis for Your Construction Projects

Requirements lists and specifications for construction services are complex and error-prone. Poorly defined specifications for construction projects can result in discrepancies and miscalculations that manifest themselves in contracted work that fails to meet a client’s demands. We are meeting this challenge with our digital interior specifications.

Drafting interior specifications concomitant to design makes it easier to record and store information, such as labor requirements, area and space parameters, and initial equipment, in a structured form from the outset. It facilitates demand analysis and serves as an interface between the future (building) user and owner. A new construction project’s specifications are collected and documented in an interior specifications program. Users navigate the application intuitively and can collect data required for design without any expertise in construction.

What are the concrete benefits of the Fraunhofer IFF Digital Room Book?

  • user-friendly and intuitive recording of specifications with a digital tool
  • transparent survey of user needs
  • avoidance of format changes
  • individual, graphic dashboard presentation of parameters (e.g. area by type of use, construction costs, initial equipment costs, etc.)
  • definition and monitoring of milestones
  • use of model interiors and furnishings 

For whom are digital interior specifications intended?

  • Builders / Owners: retrieval of facility and interior parameters for specific projects, creation of base data for architects and designers, crosschecking of target and design data
  • Building users: definition of the specifications for the future building
  • Designers and architects: retrieval of interior and furnishing parameters for specific projects

Request more information now and support your construction project with the Fraunhofer IFF Digital Room Book from the outset! This will enable you to analyze demand effectively and estimate costs soundly.

The Digital Room Book can be used intuitively with the graphical user interface.