ELISA Inspection App

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Are you exasperated with time-consuming inspections of the condition of equipment subject to inspection?

Our ELISA (Electronic Inspection Service Application) client-server software solution can be a big help. It quickly completes and digitally documents inspections of equipment subject to inspection while complying with pertinent standards in official regulations. Our software additionally delivers:

  • unique identification of inspected items by means of Auto-ID (RFID, barcode etc.),
  • complete digital inspection records updated daily,
  • standardized, auditable inspections and documentation, and
  • the operator’s legal compliance with DGUV, BetrSichV, ArbStättV.

… thus ensuring that inspections are documented daily and inalterably while taking little time.


ELISA has been in use in the following sectors for over six years:

  • aerospace manufacturing,
  • airport and aircraft landing site operation,
  • hydraulic and pneumatic component and systems manufacturing, and
  • machinery and equipment repair and installation.
Working principle of the ELISA inspection tool