Industrie 4.0 CheckUp

An International Success Story

How far have I or is my business transitioned to Industrie 4.0? What will be my next steps? What are the risks? What drivers and levers in my business will really move me forward? What commercially available technologies are capable of handling my challenges and where are proprietary custom developments needed? How should my business be structured and organized in the future? What products will be in demand in the future and how can I offer them to my customers in combination with services at a competitive market price?

These are all questions business people are asking themselves all over the world. The Industrie 4.0 CheckUp provides a field-proven method that objectively rates the transition to an industrial ecosystem, on the one hand, and ultimately delivers a road map with a list of actions that serve your company as guidelines for digital transformation, on the other hand.

We have successfully completed numerous projects based on this method in Germany, Spain, Thailand, Kazakhstan and China. Among others, we have collaborated with partners from the following industries:

  • automotive (suppliers and OEMs),
  • aerospace,
  • components,
  • construction materials,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • food,
  • custom manufacturing,
  • electronics and semiconductors, and
  • resources and mining.


This lists reveals another strength of our holistic approach, which is not solely limited to manufacturing and logistics but examines all of a business’s organizational units and far more along the value chain. Our team of experts identifies format changes and bottlenecks as well as capabilities to increase efficiency and reduce costs, establishing a basis for expedient recommended actions. This enables us to pool the domain knowledge of a business’s experts, suppliers and customers and to work on the integrative issues of Industrie 4.0 and digitalization for specific industries in all their complexity and scope.

We additionally offer a “train-the-trainer” program. Our experts train your attendees of an intensive training course to perform the Industrie 4.0-CheckUp themselves. We provide you our free Industrie 4.0 CheckUp Tool that ascertains Industrie 4.0 capability maturity. This enables attendees to apply and refine methods as they like. They are issued a certificate of attendance at the end of the training course.