Lean Principles

Lean Manufacturing as the Basis for Industrie 4.0

Taking our cue from the motto “muda mura muri”, we believe that anyone who has neither internalized nor practices the methods of lean management and Kaizen in their business, need not even start with Industrie 4.0. After all sound, sized and effective value added processes constitute the basis of promising and stable positioning. We eliminate waste – in both the material and the information flow – and ensure that you grasp and effectively institutionalize productivity!

Our services:

  • Joint identification of vulnerabilities in manufacturing and logistics and identification of existing conflicting objectives
  • Differentiation of complexity and uncertainty as well as analysis of the impact of independent variables on logistics performance
  • Process and system configuration as the basis of the problem solving cycle (applying BPMN, EPC, value stream mapping, etc.)
  • Successive implementation of lean principles for a house of quality (e.g. flow direction, jidoka, visual management, etc.)
  • Discussion and selection of the right manufacturing and logistics strategies
  • Assistance when implementing new processes and structures (CIP or business process reengineering and greenfield/brownfield planning)

Your benefits:

  • We will do your “homework” and ready you for Industrie 4.0 (feasibility).
  • You combine profitability and necessity: leaner processes as the basis for digitalization.
  • You improve transparency in your business.
  • You leverage productivity capabilities while reviewing your business model (for disruptive innovation as an opportunity or a risk)
  • You create awareness among, empower and motivate your staff through collaborative and interactive (conventional or agile) project work – hands-on with management game elements if you like.