Machine Learning and AI

Combining Humans and Machines’ Strengths to Maximize Capabilities

Humans' ability to understand and assess complex relationships in detail is no longer enough when tens or hundreds of independent variables have to be considered. That, though, is precisely the challenge we face whenever we have to solve problems in staff scheduling, production scheduling, maintenance management and logistics strategies. We are able to draw on our and our customers’ domain knowledge, identify relationships with machine learning algorithms, and deliver control strategies for different application. We provide solutions throughout the entire workflow of an AI project, namely:

  • the planning phase with a capability analysis of problems in your business that are resolvable with AI,
  • selection and implementation of a suitable algorithm,
  • high-performance hardware that trains neural networks,
  • analysis and interpretation of the findings, and
  • integration of AI algorithms in assistance systems for decision support.
Key factors in the development of AI solutions