New Design & Redesign

What Will Your Future Resource-Efficient Factory Look Like?

© Dirk Mahler

Designing new factory structures or redesigning existing ones (buildings, logistics systems, processes, etc.) necessitates surveying all specifications derived from the intended use as precisely as possible first. Building upon this, the building and the processes can be designed. Then, the building can be concretely designed in keeping with the specifications in a 3D model enhanced with metadata. Advanced factory and logistics systems also have complex designs and dynamic streams, reason enough to draft them interactively on a digital design table. The advanced hardware and software at the Fraunhofer IFF make this easy! We will configure your processes anew for your new designs or redesigns, treating this not just as project business but also as our passion.

Our business unit specializes in and offers you the following range of services:

  • assistance with the definition of targets, from the drafting to the implementation of a design,
  • proof of feasibility and financial viability of resource-efficient factory structures,
  • design, construction and remodeling of office and factory buildings, units and workspaces,
  • visualization and use of VR and AR tools,
  • design of collaborative assembly systems for humans and robots incorporating human factors,
  • economic feasibility studies of different implementation options,
  • combined market, product, process and resource specifications for the design of versatile structures,
  • consolidation of process flows by rigorously connecting corporate units, and
  • tools for digitalizing design and construction processes

Internally developed tools for integrated digitalization, from design (Digital Interior Specifications) through completion and documentation of construction operations (as-built), help when building new buildings or modifying existing ones. We will also assist you with conventional approaches as well as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and as you transition to your factory of the future!

"Digital Room Book" for interior specifications: Our assistance system for demand analysis in construction projects.