Objective-Setting Workshops with Experts

Discerning and Understanding Your Own Realm of Action

Objective-Setting Workshops

Do you want external impulses or need an organized and facilitated strategizing process?

Industrie 4.0 developments are a crossroads confronting many businesses. Rash and hasty actions are just as risky as paralysis in response to or trivialization of developments. Markets are shifting tectonically and the rules of the game are being rewritten as the Fourth Industrial Revolution based on digitalized value added processes is being ushered in. Instead of doing nothing, start a facilitated management process. Benefit from:

  • SWOT, market, environmental and stakeholder analyses,
  • idea generation and topic organization using creativity techniques (e.g. morphologies, World Café, 6-3-5 brainwriting, brainstorming, etc.),
  • process mapping using methods of business process management (UML, BPMN, etc.),
  • CIP and quality management methods (PDCA, FMEA, etc.), and
  • action definition and prioritization and scenario and option comparison (e.g. cost-utility and economic feasibility analyses)

... and confidently take action in your realms of action.


Themed and Expert Workshops

On what are industry and research working? Would you like to be a part of, learn about and discuss this?

Our interdisciplinary expertise gives us a good overview of the progress and form of current research and industry trends and drivers among diverse competing stakeholders. We gladly accept their invitations to workshops and conferences since we are always interested in sharing experience and knowledge. We are available to deliver keynote addresses, present technology shows, and conduct themed workshops on:

  • opportunities and risks of Industrie 4.0 for companies and their employees,
  • profitable use of manufacturing and supply chain data and generation of competitive advantages,
  • predictive maintenance: retaining and utilizing experiential knowledge,•    service management and productivity,
  • simulation: curtailing future uncertainties,
  • energy and resource efficiency: mastering the energy transition,
  • biobased economy value chains in forestry and agriculture,
  • FSCE: forestry certification systems in comparison, and
  • transforming transportation: demographic change and electric vehicles as drivers

... and look forward to dialogue and discussion.