Logistics Solutions for Supplying Renewable Resources

Sustainable and clean logistics pays. Designing logistics processes to be resource-efficient is ecologically and economically expedient, making it possible to operate them cost effectively, efficiently and responsibly even as climatic and environmental conditions change.

Technological innovations enable better sustainable management. We use the innovative technical solutions, organizational plans and competitive structures we develop to help businesses and organizations take full advantage of the opportunities of digitalization and innovative applications. We always pay particular attention to improving the complete process and adding value in individual businesses and organizations.

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Supplying renewable resources such as timber for industrial use economically and ecologically expediently is one task of resource logistics.

Our services for you include:

  • designing viable business models for small-scale producers,
  • digitalizing and connecting cross-cluster business processes,
  • using Web 2.0, AI and big data methods to manage data, information and knowledge,
  • adapting Industry 4.0 technologies in internal and industry-wide applications,
  • developing diagnostic and early warning instruments for prevention as climatic and environmental conditions change,
  • assessing use conflicts and capabilities economically, ecologically and socially, and
  • contributing to knowledge transfer and network exchange with our “Tagung Ressource Holz”.

Supplying Resources Efficiently

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Digital tools facilitate resource-efficient resource supply.

Complex logistics systems are found in the timber industry, for instance. Forest development in particular should be coordinated to minimize ecological and economic damage to achieve resource-efficiency. The development and use of reliable monitoring and forecasting methods supported by new technologies and methods can do more than just increase process reliability and reduce the substantial time and labor that has been required in these domains of forestry. Serving as the basis of digital assistance systems, they can also contribute to developing faster, more reliable and greener operational early warning and prevention actions and future forestry actions.

Innovative Solutions for Preserving and Protecting the Forest Ecosystem

Forests have numerous functions apart from producing timber that are extremely important for people’s wellbeing and the protection of nature and landscape. Forests filter pollutants out of the air, absorb noise, act as a screen, protect and improve groundwater while protecting against flooding, affect the local and regional climate positively, and provide people physical recreation and mental relaxation. They also play a very important role in preventing avalanches, protecting soil and preventing erosion.

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New technologies such as drones ensure forest environments are monitored reliably.

Since actions to preserve the functions of forests require implementation periods of several years, they have to be initiated before those functions have diminished or disappeared. Digitalization and innovative digital technologies provide exceptional capabilities to innovate in forest protection and condition monitoring. Such technologies primarily provide opportunities to optimize time and labor requirements and comprehensive availability.

Years of experience and close collaboration with partners in biobased forest and timber value chains have produced numerous solutions that boost resource-efficiency and facilitate the design and control of timber logistics.

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