Resource-Efficient Supply Chain and Factory Systems

Performance-Driven from Design to Operation

The Logistics and Factory Systems Business Unit’s Services

Traffic and Transportation Logistics

Transportation Systems Analyses and Traffic Simulation

Would you like to develop new transportation solutions that meet your requirements?

Our methodology for analyzing and classifying the transportation patterns of individuals or logistical assets, which was developed in the Harz.EE-Mobility research project, enables us to supply you with the base data needed to develop such transportation services. To do this, we rely on advanced telematics-based control center solutions to collect data and on big data technologies to analyze and interpret recorded motion data. Our standardized approach to designing new transportation services gives you confidence when you are designing new services. In particular, you will profit from the:

  • simulation of material and traffic flows,
  • identification of bottlenecks,
  • ascertainment of capacity and resource requirements,
  • sizing and structuring of sites, and
  • verification of design assumptions,

...thus reducing design errors and turnaround times while boosting process transparency, reliability and quality.

Designing Transparent Supply Chain Operations

Do you put a lot of time and labor into organizing and controlling your supply chain operations?

A capability analysis is the start of reducing inventory and transaction costs as well as turnaround times sustainably. We will develop a customized solution from a multitude of identified organizational and technological improvements precisely and rapidly together with you. Then, we will guide you through the entire implementation process as you are developing applications from the selection and evaluation of suitable identification, communication and tracking technologies up through the development and implementation of complete supply chain control centers supported by telematics. You will profit from :

  • automated inventory for inventory management,
  • product identification integrated in material streams,
  • control of shipping based on informative monitoring systems,
  • monitoring of logistical assets’ condition,

and increase process transparency and productivity with our customized near real-time control center solutions.

Sustainable Value Chains

Do you want to improve efficiency and sustainability in logistics and production and reduce costs and labor?

Limited availability of resources, growing competition for raw materials and markets, complex processes of commercial partners collaborating in value chains, and changing or growing social demands on manufacturing and supply chains are trends causing costs to rise. We will help you counter these trends by developing innovative technical solutions, organizational plans and competitive structures. Among others, our services for you include:

  • designing viable business models for small-scale producers,
  • digitally transforming and connecting cross-cluster business processes,
  • employing Web 2.0 and big data methods to manage data, information and knowledge,
  • assessing use conflicts and capabilities economically, ecologically and socially, and
  • forecasting and early warning tools for prevention as climatic and environmental conditions change.

Years of experience and close collaboration with partners in the biobased forest and timber value chain have spawned numerous solutions for the forest and timber cluster, the sustainable production and supply of timber, and the design and control of timber supply chains.