Telematics Solutions

Telematics and Logistics

The Fraunhofer IFF works on applications that identify and track objects under widely varying ambient conditions. We pursue a variety of technical approaches, from wireless high precision tracking on port premises down to combined video tracking and identification of shipping equipment or equipment at a logistics facility. We develop integrated applications for the transportation and logistics sector, mass transit, telematics and wireless communication. Our research is focused on telematics and logistics.

We rely on advanced telematics-based control center solutions that collect data and big data technologies that analyze and interpret recorded motion data. Our standardized approach to designing new transportation services will give you confidence when you are designing new offerings.


Our services:

  • specification of transportation profiles using advanced tracking and telematics technologies,
  • transportation studies, infrastructure designs and capital expenditure budgeting,
  • registration of vehicle fleet driving and use patterns and inference of transportation indicators (trip frequency, distances driven, trip times, reasons for trips, parking locations, etc.), and
  • analysis and development of new logistics use scenarios and innovative business models based on smart grids.


Your benefits:

  • route optimization and efficient management of entire logistics networks,
  • fewer scheduling errors,
  • minimized cycle times, and
  • higher process transparency, reliability and quality.