Testing Facility

Laboratories and Equipment

The Fraunhofer IFF’s research scientists have the best basic conditions at their facilities in Magdeburg to expedite projects with industry clients efficiently and to develop and test technologies for the systems-theoretical issues of the future world of work based on research.


Practiced Human-Technology Collaboration in Research

Responding to progressive digital transformation, even research is now dominated by studies with digital models in high performance software environments.

The range of potential analyses is as diverse as the requirements on resource efficient logistics and factory systems themselves. The institute’s Logistics and Factory Systems Business Unit employs a wide range of laboratories, technologies and testing equipment for analyses and testing:

  • the test bed,
  • a telematics laboratory,
  • factory design equipment, e.g. design tables and CAx software,
  • simulation and statistics software, and
  • energy meters and electronics.


Flexible with Stationary and Portable Equipment

Creating custom solutions that meet your demands is challenging work for our researchers. Paired with our own quality standards, our advanced laboratory infrastructure delivers two compelling advantages:

  1. We use stationary equipment in our testing facility to select and configure technology components in complete systems and to test the function of system solutions, even in challenging environments.
  2. We use our portable equipment at clients’ facilities to evaluate systems’ practicability, while incorporating real operating conditions. Modular in structure, flexibly scheduled and always accurate! 

This is a hard test for our research solutions but our mission and the most compelling argument for ensuring that they are transferred from tidy laboratories to demanding day-to-day manufacturing operations.

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Our living testing facility is equipped with stationary and portable equipment.