Biosystems Engineering

The Biosystems Engineering Expert Group develops algorithms and tools that automatically analyze and model spatiotemporal relationships in industry and agriculture. We focus on image analysis, data interpretation and pattern recognition. To this end, our interdisciplinary team works on refining and applying machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

HawkSpex® - See more. Understand more. Take better action.

HawkSpex®  is a family of technologies, products and services that characterize materials and processes for agriculture, industry and consumers.

HawkSpex® rigorously implements soft sensor designs and combines innovative principles of physical measurement with customized methods of artificial intelligence.

HawkSpex® integrates our solution in your application.

Our Services


HawkSpex® Mobile & HawkSpex® Gadget

Our portable technology that characterizes materials by means of spectroscopy.


HawkSpex® Flow

A service that develops and validates soft sensor systems automatically and efficiently.


HawkSpex® Scan

Enables spectroscopy on diverse scanning platforms from laboratories to manufacturing plants and use in the field down to copter and manned imaging flights.


HawkSpex® Tap

Enables characterization of transparent, liquid and pasty materials by depositing them directly on a smartphone’s camera lens and scanning a reference pattern.


HawkSpex® Embedded

Integrates the developed soft sensor solution in technical equipment and systems, scaled to the available hardware.


HawkSpex® Enable

Helps digitalize and integrate developed solutions in a business.




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