Transportation Analyses and Traffic Simulations

Simulating Operations to Efficiently Design Structures and Processes

Would you like to reorganize your internal supply chain expediently and efficiently?

In many cases, designing new internal supply chains or redesigning existing ones entails the challenge of identifying suitable redesign options under the given constraints. It is essential to select the options best suited for economic and, increasingly, ecological factors too. This, however, necessitates facilitating option development as well as well as assessing and selecting options based on key indicators, which, in turn, requires identifiable key indicators. A simulation of material streams and transportation flows can be used to identify the necessary key indicators based on a detailed process analysis. This makes it possible, for instance, to test the impacts of redesigning routes, entrances or related internal transportation operations, e.g. congestion, bottlenecks or waits. You profit from:

  • simulating material streams and transportation flows,
  • identifying bottlenecks,
  • establishing capacity and resource requirements,
  • sizing and configuring space, and
  • verifying design assumptions.

... thus reducing design errors and turnaround times while boosting process transparency, reliability and quality.