Optimization of Production and Logistics

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Analyzing Stork's System: Digital Simulation of Operations

Optimization of internal processes is part of the foundation of a business’s success. This is why the logisticians and visualization experts at the Fraunhofer IFF and environmental services provider Stork scrutinized the operations on its premises. The outcome was a virtual simulation of its operations, which can be used to pretest the impact of reorganization actions on logistical operations.

Logistics processes are analyzed in a realistic, intuitive design environment combined with 3D visualization to identify capabilities to optimize the operational structure of material movement on the premises. The operations on the premises are recreated with accurate detail and simulated in the digital model. Vehicle, transportation routes, traffic, buildings and storage sites – everything can be varied as desired. And everything is interconnected. Any change in the simulation thus has consequences for other, subsequent operations in this virtual environment.

This enables the company to test what will happen when it reroutes the roads to storage sites, for instance, or how many vehicles may be on the premises without causing congestion. Among other things, Stork built a new entrance to its premises in Magdeburg. The two-lane entrance with a dual scale for trucks was designed with the aid of digital logistics simulations. This facilitates and greatly simplifies strategic decisions about the redesign of infrastructure and logistics operation, thus preventing planning errors and reducing potential costs.



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