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Robotic Logistic Cell

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Customer-centric Product Presentation/Configuration of a Robotic Logistic Cell (AVILUS Subproject)

This AVILUS subproject was focused on transferring virtual technologies for user-friendly product presentation and interaction to industrial applications. Together with KUKA Roboter GmbH, the Fraunhofer IFF was using a real robotic cell for logistics to research potentials of augmented reality for use in sales and training.

The constructed demonstrator and created components provide sales personnel a novel tool. It realistically shows potential clients a planned robot installation, corresponds with the real local environment. Planning and configuration preferences can be responded to in augmented reality by modifying the virtual components in the presentation.

The following subsystems and components were implemented in the project:

  • Reconstruction of the work environment from recorded picturesComprehensive simulation of every robotic cell component
  • Construction of a real cell
  • Progressive commissioning of the installation by replacing virtual components with real components
  • Mixed visualization of real and virtual elements
  • Simulated and real testing of pack algorithms
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Once the project objectives have been realized, a research environment will exist in which the application of virtual and augmented reality technologies can be tested in interaction with real components. The complex visualization of results in special projection environments will facilitate introducing new interested parties to this field of work and enable them to experience interrelationships.

AVILUS is a project of the Virtual Technologies Innovation Allianz and is being supported by the Federal Ministry of education and Research (BMBF).