Research and Development in Robotic Systems

Service Robots for Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance

Service Robots Reduce People’s Workload

Service robots take over fully automatic jobs that are dangerous, monotonous or unreasonable for humans. We develop worldwide one-of-a-kind systems such as sewer system inspection robots that detect and map damage highly precisely and facade cleaning robots.

Range of Services

  • Feasibility and profitability studies of service robot use
  • Design and planning of complete service robot systems
  • Development of complete systems and subsystems
  • Implementation from prototype to product



Sewer Inspection

Development of fully automatic inspection, cleaning and damage measuring systems for underground sewer systems.



Mobile robots for inspection and maintenance activities in extensive industrial plants.



Robot for the inspection of wind turbine rotor blades.


Leipzig's New Exhibition Centre

The world’s first fully automatic cleaning system for vaulted glass halls has been in operation on the glass roof of the Leipzig Exhibition Centre since 1997.


SIRIUS Facade Cleaning Robot

Facade cleaning robot for high-rise building, which combines all the requisite components such as robot engineering, cleaning engineering, fall arrester system and media supply in one complete system.


Filius Facade Cleaning Robot

Remote controlled cleaning robot Filius at Berlin Central Train Station.