Research and Development in Robotic Systems

Robotics in Manufacturing and the Life Sciences

Automated Applications for Industry and Research

Flexible and smart robotic systems are generating new fields of use in manufacturing. In the domains of life sciences and biotechnologies, we are combining biological standards and the latest robot technologies for industrial applications.

Range of Services

  • Development and engineering of customized assembly and handling systems for industry, life sciences and research
  • Development of kinematics that guide gripping tools
  • Development and integration of sensor and actuator systems as well as their control systems
  • Integration of new components in existing systems
  • Construction and testing of test prototypes and development up through pilot production




Intuitive operation and programming of welding robots for large-scale components



Automated Disassembly, Separation and Recovery of Valuable Materials from Electronic Equipment



“Collaborative Robotics For Assembly and Kitting in Smart Manufacturing”



Validation of advanced collaborative robotics for industrial applications.



Stationary robotic assistance system for die making.



Safe human-robot cooperation with high payload robots.



Generation of prototypes with industrial robots.


Tactile Gripper

Tactile sensor systems for sensitive gripping.



Hyper-flexible robot cells using reconfigurable passive kinematics.



Flexible manufacturing cell for combined laser machining with adaptive gripper system.


Robot Cell for Logistics (AVILUS)

Transferring virtual technologies for user-friendly product presentation and interaction to industrial applications.



Robots as tool machines: Machining with industrial robots.



Autonomous, flexible robot for welding large steel structures.


STIMULATE Research Campus

At the STIMULATE research campus, interdisciplinary teams are researching and developing image-guided minimally invasive methods of diagnostics and therapy.



Automated industrial plant breeding in the temporary immersion system.


Ultrasonic Microplate Level Measurement System

The ultrasonic microplate level measurement system automatically measures the level with clamp-on technology without contact with the liquid medium highly precisely and rapidly.



Impedance-based multiarray screening.


Assistant Robot LiSA

Develop, build and test a mobile assistant robot suitable for everyday routines, which will interact with lab technicians in the labs of life science companies and independently take over routine tasks.


TELOMICS ex vivo Robotics

Lab robot for tissue-based mass screening.



Microbiological sample preparation robot.