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Remote Controlled Facade Cleaning

© Fraunhofer IFF

Remote Controlled Facade Cleaning Robot Filius

Berlin Central Train Station has a glass roof with an area of 28,000 m² that is cleaned by the remote controlled cleaning robot Filius developed by the Fraunhofer IFF. An operator controls the robot by remote controler.

A large roller brush efficiently and gently cleans over 150m² per hour. The cable winches integrated in the robots lay down the securing cable on the glass, enabling the robots to descend to a vertical position under the roof. Big balloon tires facilitate navigation around obstacles such as snow guards.

System Features

  • Remote controlled cleaning robotEasily maneuvered
  • Cleaning performance of over 150m²/h
  • Secured by integrated cable winches
  • Power and water are supplied by rooftop gantries