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High-rise Facade Cleaning

SIRIUS Facade Cleaning Robot

SIRIUS is the world’s first facade cleaning robot for high-rise building, which combines all the requisite components such as robot engineering, cleaning engineering, fall arrester system and media supply in one complete system. The robot does not require any devices such as guide rails on the facade. Nonetheless, it is able to work at wind speeds that would prohibit manual cleaning for safety reasons.

Its excellent cleaning performance, constant availability and minimal operating costs make SIRIUS the ideal facade cleaning robot. It preserves a building’s visual impact and as well as the facade’s value.

© Fraunhofer IFF
© Fraunhofer IFF

Its basic features are

  • Complete system for automatic facade cleaning
  • Elimination of need for guide rails on the facade; system moves with vacuum suckers
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Special, efficient and environmentally compatible cleaning system
  • Easy operation

SIRIUS' components are

  • Robot
  • Cleaning system
  • Securing devices
  • Energy and media supply modules
  • Adapter for gantries


A kinematics was developed for locomotion, which can be used on the widest variety of vertical and strongly inclined facades and surfaces. The robot moves up and down a facade with vacuum suckers while the gantry holds it by wire cables and protects it against falling.

The most important features of the robot SIRIUS:

  • Adaptation to the widest variety of facade types
  • Secure movement without rail installations on the facade
  • Navigation of obstacles, e.g. cover strips, sun protection lamellae and ventilation grates
  • Independent recognition of a facade’s structure and obstacles by sensors; automatic program generation of robot actions based on sensor data
  • Low stressing of the facade
  • Easy operation
  • Effective cleaning
  • Compliance with safety requirements (TÜV, BG)