Robots: Humans' Dependable Helpers

Laboratories and Equipment in Robotic Systems

Laboratory for Human-Robot Interaction

The development of new safety technologies and components for safe human-robot interaction is one of our principal research specializations.

We use our Laboratory for Human-Robot Interaction for the development and testing of robot applications in work areas shared with humans. The laboratory enables manufacturers and users to analyze human-robot cooperation scenarios exactly, to simulate them and to measure contact forces in the event of collisions. Currently, we are concentrating on the following work in our Laboratory for Human-Robot Interaction:

  • Testing of interactions during contact between humans and robots (force, momentum) with different force test stands and comparison with specifications from standards
  • Development and evaluation of sensor technologies for collision avoidance (workplace monitoring) and collision detection (tactile sensor system)
  • Development of safe robot kinematics, evaluation of factors influencing contact forces and the implementation of appropriate measures for safe kinematics