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Laboratories and Equipment in Robotic Systems

Test Bed for Mobile Service Robot Testing and Commissioning

Extensive tests are necessary before service robots are put to work in such environments as sewer lines or high-rise facades. The interplay between a machine and its environment or surroundings is complex must be fully tested and optimized.

The Robotic Systems Business Unit operates a Test Bed for Mobile Service Robot Testing and Commissioning that can be extended as required. Research and development is pursued on 250 square meters of space. With its modern infrastructure – from access for oversize load vehicles to a gantry crane and even the supply and disposal of fresh water suitable for disposal in landfills – the test bed provides for every contingency for the development of customized automation systems. Depending on the weather, 1400 square meters of open area in front can be used for testing. The test bed can be converted for various use scenarios in next to no time.

Fields of application include service robots for industrial infrastructure such as sewer inspection robots, facade cleaning robots and inspection robots for wind turbines and power plants. The laboratory makes planning dependable and reduces elaborate commissioning on site.

The test bed is currently housing three segments of reinforced concrete pipe (with diameters of 2000 mm to 2400 mm and lengths of up to 12m) to test sewer inspection robots. The test bed’s water reservoir and pump unit are able to fill and empty these segments of pipe in short time.