Research and Development in Robotic Systems

Research Platform for Mobile Manipulation (ANNIE)

The assistive robot ANNIE developed at the Fraunhofer IFF is a mobile manipulator and is intended for future use for tasks in industry and business. The main focus is on logistical tasks such as fetch-and-carry services or the operation and interconnection of machinery. Assistive tasks or der inspection and monitoring are also conceivable, though.

In addition to employing state-of-the-art hardware and software, the platform demonstrates the integration many and diverse key technologies developed at the Fraunhofer IFF. These include developments in the domains of perception, navigation, safety, software architecture and interaction. The goal is to develop an advanced system with the basic capabilities necessary to handle the varied scenarios from the aforementioned sectors quickly and simply.

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ANNIE is a research platform for future applications of assistive robots and for mobile manipulation in robotics.