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Research and Development in Robotic Systems

Tactile Sensor Systems for Sensitive Gripping

Object handling is an essential task in industrial and service robotics. In most cases, the grippers are adapted to the geometry of the object to be gripped and exert a constant force. However, it is usually not possible to reliably detect whether the object was actually gripped, if it slipped or if it got lost during the movement.

In the course of a project, gripper jaws for an electric, small component gripper were fitted with the tactile sensor technology of the Fraunhofer IFF. This allows for a spatially-resolved detection of the forces acting on the gripper surfaces and for the reliable monitoring of the entire gripping process. The tactile sensor system not only makes the gripping process safer but also allows for reactive gripping. This biologically inspired principal allows for the fine adjustment of the grip as a function of the forces acting on the surfaces of the gripper.

The tactile sensor system is the ideal technological basis for the development of handling systems for fragile or pliable objects.