Research and Development in Robotic Systems

Reliable Collision Detection for Human-Robot Interaction

Tactile Sensor Systems for Reliable Collision Detection

The tactile sensor systems developed by the Fraunhofer IFF are an important safety component that detects collisions and limits interaction forces in applications in which humans and robots collaborate in shared work areas.

This patented sensor system can be applied to virtually any surface in the form of a pressure-sensitive skin, thus making it possible to detect contact and collisions and to stop robot movement safely whenever maximum forces of interaction are exceeded. A soft, shock-absorbing surface acts as a crumple zone, thus effectively reducing maximum collision forces.

Optionally, the Fraunhofer IFF’s tactile sensor systems can additionally be combined with capacitive proximity sensors. This allows for a two-stage safety concept in which a robot initially decelerates movement when approached but does not stop completely until contact.

Tactile sensor systems for collision detection in human-robot interaction.




Development and validation of tactile sensor systems for reliable collision detection during human-robot interaction.


Sensitive Sensor Systems

Industrial robots with proximity detection for safe human-robot collaboration.



Assistant robot in life science company labs.