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Fully Automatic Tissue Screening

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Lab robot for tissue-based mass screening (TELOMICS ex vivo Robotics)

The lab automation system TELOMICS ex vivo Robotics was implemented with the cooperation partner KeyNeurotek AG. It was awarded the 2006 “initiative Mittelstand” innovation prize.

TELOMICSTM ex vivo Robotics is a fully automatic system for tissue screening. Particular advantages are its complete integration of tissue culturing and experimentation, which are extremely human resource and time intensive in traditional labs. When novel active ingredients and medicines are being sought in pharmaceutical research, their efficacy is tested on living tissue.

Flexible Lab Automation System

The automated complete screening system TELOMICS ex vivo Robotics combines the advantages of tissue-based screening (functional 3-D network with a diversity of cell types comparable in vivo) with a high test substance throughput in simulated clinical pictures for the first time, analyzing over 5000 tissue sections a week and thus testing up to 150 substances. TELOMICS technologies are currently being employed to research active ingredients against diseases of the nervous system (stroke, Parkinson's).

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System Features

  • Testing of cell clusters and tissue instead of single cells
  • Rapid and low cost testing of larger quantities
  • High flexibility through capability to plan experiments individually: Multitude of test and tissue types (e.g. heart, liver, bladder and lung)
  • Extensibility of the modular construction with new devices
  • Rapid job processing thanks to automatic reporting

The distinctive feature of the system is its high level of automation:

  • Automatic test preparation
  • Automatic execution
  • Automatic disposal
  • Supported test planning
  • Automatic analysis and report generation
  • System safety