Research and Development in Measurement and Testing Technology

Industrial Image Processing

Solutions for Automatic Visual Inspection and Process Control

Imaging solutions are increasingly becoming an integral part of automated industrial manufacturing. More complex products and greater demands on product quality and the efficiency of manufacturing increasingly tend to be motivations for the use of such systems.

Developing and implementing systems solutions capable of capturing and evaluating complex features in line with the production cycle and of feeding the results back into the process is particularly challenging.

Fields of Use and Typical Applications

Imaging systems operate quickly and without contact. They deliver objective results and evaluations with high reliability and availability. They are being used to test quality and increasingly to control processes.

Imaging systems can be employed for dimensional, geometric and visual inspection. Typical applications include:  

  • Shape and dimensional inspection
  • Surface inspection
  • Object recognition
  • Positioning
  • Completeness checks
  • Presence checks

We develop and implement custom dimensional, geometric and visual inspection systems and equipment contracted by clients.