Research and Development in Measurement and Testing Technology

Optical 3D Metrology

Inline 3D Metrology for Process Control and Quality Assurance

Optical 3D metrology is increasingly replacing classic tactile metrology. New fields of application are being developed. Few have been put into practice.
The advantages of optical metrology – rapid and non-contact operation and excellent automatability – are extremely valuable especially for the implementation of inline measurement and testing systems. Inline metrology detects variations in processes and defects in quality immediately and feeds the measured values directly back into the process. This generates great potential to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Inline metrology is an integral and value adding part of efficient and competitive production.

OptoInspect 3D Measurement Technology

Speed, dependability, automatability and the proper measuring principal are key features of online-capable measurement technology.  
Developed by the Fraunhofer IFF, OptoInspect 3D measurement technology is a modular toolkit for building custom 3D measurement systems, using methods of triangulation.

OptoInspect 3D technology includes methods and tools for the design, sizing and simulation of laser light-sectioning sensors based on triangulation. It includes tools to calibrate and spatially orient systems configured for specific applications from multiple sensors and their motion components. Another key element is the functions and methods that evaluate measured data and identify geometric features rapidly, synchronously and automatically.  

Fields of Use and Typical Applications

OptoInspect 3D measurement technology can be used in any industry and is supported for diverse process control and quality testing jobs, including:

  • Dimensional inspection of geometric dimension, shape and position tolerances
  • Shape inspection
  • Surface inspection
  • Presence and completeness checks
  • Position and location detection