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Inspection and Cleaning Robots for Sewer Systems: Cleaning System

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The cleaning system (RS) removes deposits below the water line and dirt from the sewer wall above the water line. This ensures smooth operation of the sewer system operates and establishes the prerequisites for detailed sewer inspection with the damage measuring system (SVM).

A newly developed, fully automated kinematic with an integrated water supply and safety system serves as the universal carrier for all types of high pressure cleaning technologies. Every process parameter related to the cleaning effect and cleaning times is infinitely adjustable. Thus cleaning is performed as needed and resources are conserved. The kinematic makes it possible to separately clean above and below the water line in automatic mode.

The carrier platform is a four-wheeled chassis with all-wheel drive that reliably navigates obstacles.

© Fraunhofer IFF

A special media supply system and the external water supply through a sewer flushing vehicle enable the system to clean distances of up to 1200 m between shafts on one day.

The cleaning system provides the right cleaning tool for any environment. At present, it is equipped with the following components

  • a bank of nozzles capable of cleaning different surfaces that cleans above the water line
  • an underwater ejector nozzle that increases shear stresses in the sewer system and accelerates the entire flow of wastewater
  • a pivoting video camera with zoom function and an underwater 3-D ultrasonic scanner, which check the cleaning effect