Research and Development in Virtual Engineering

Real-Time Service Interface (RESI)

The Fraunhofer IFF’s Real-Time Interface or IFF-RESI combines a wide range of real controllers with a variety of high-performance commercial simulators. The simulation of a product’s features and performance validates their development early on. Real-time simulators use virtual models to develop controllers and commission products before they really exist. This enables control system engineers to develop firmware on a target system and test its control logic with the connected virtual system.

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IFF-RESI technology facilitates custom compilations of commercial software packages to commission machinery and plants virtually for specific problems. We find cost effective solutions and customize exactly to our clients’ needs, whether they want to visualize a system controlled by a Siemens SIMOTION system three-dimensionally, archive times of their PLC program’s outputs on the computer or use a dynamic simulation of a complex system (including mechanical, electrical and pneumatic properties) to design a controller in a Siemens SINUMERIK 840 D sl.

The IFF-RESI Software Development Kit (C++, Java, .NET) enables our partners to connect their own software to the interface and includes methods to distribute systems on different computers in a network. RESI also interfaces different private subnetworks connected by the Internet.

In addition the effective real-time channel, RESI also provides a service  channel that transmits information, e.g. to discrete simulators. RESI services can be easily engineered and retrieved without using complex frameworks such as in office applications (VBA). Take advantage of the widest variety of efficient simulation and control systems through a new interface in your proprietary software system.