Research and Development in Virtual Engineering

Virtual Control Engineering and Commissioning

We provide complete software solutions that make it possible to program and test control systems in an early stage of a project phase: Functional operations are taught and tested on a virtual model and extensive safety functions are generated automatically. The solutions developed by the Virtual Engineering Business Unit also allow integrated functional testing of plants from the design phase through commissioning and even everyday operation. Methods of virtual commissioning make it possible to parallelize engineering throughout the entire development process.

Automatic Code Generation on Models: Why program when you can teach?

The VITES software system developed by the Virtual Engineering Business Unit makes it possible to teach control systems virtually. The function of equipment can be taught and tested directly on a virtual model. Not only the operation but also extensive safety functions are defined on the virtual model. Ultimately, control code is generated from the taught operations, which can be incorporated in any common controller. The Fraunhofer IFF has successfully tested these methods and tools in a number of industrial projects on the development of custom machines.

Our Services

  • Development of methods of automated modeling and model generation for effective simulation
  • Virtual control system development on a model
  • Automated code generation for any common control systems on a virtual model
  • Development of test scenarios for virtual commissioning
  • Creation of custom software solutions
  • Use of virtual models for training, service and sales

Your Benefits

  • Drastic shortening of development and commissioning
  • Quality assurance of control system development
  • Real commissioning with validated software and reduction of commissioning time on site
  • Savings of company resources
  • Integrated use of functional models during all of development

Allow us to deliver a solution for simulation-supported development of your plant’s control system tailored to your needs to boost your company’s competitiveness.

Reference Projects


Spot Welding

This programming system allows intuitive input of actions to be executed directly in a virtual model of a workpiece and visualizes the planned welding understandably.


Electron Beam Welding


Virtual Engineering System for a Manufacturer of Large Machine Tools


Integrated Development of PLC and Robot Programs

Development, testing and virtual commissioning of every component before manufacturing commences cuts development risk dramatically, shortens development and commissioning times, and provides manufacturing with qualitatively validated design engineering. The VINCENT system developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg does exactly this.