Resource-Efficient Supply Chain and Factory Systems

Performance-Driven from Design to Operation

The Logistics and Factory Systems Business Unit's Services

Industrie 4.0 CheckUp




Are you uncertain about the consequence and capabilities of Industrie 4.0 for your company?

We will help you with our Industrie 4.0 CheckUp! We establish the logical links to the conceptual world of Industrie 4.0 for you and make them tangible to make the vision of Industrie 4.0 reality. Based on our capability analysis for the introduction and implementation technologies for interconnected manufacturing, we provide you:

  • Creation of awareness of Industrie 4.0
  • Process mapping and visualization
  • Integrated analysis of drivers in the company cross-section
  • Indexing of your company’s capability maturity
  • Action plans for concrete implementation
  • Action options for formulating short-, medium- and long-term implementation actions

…and use a strategic road map to boost innovativeness and acceptance for Industrie 4.0 at your company.




Assembly System Capability Assessment




Are you planning to use automate components but are uncertain about the prospects of business success?

Our methods for identifying potential efficiency improvements and cost reductions will answer this question for you. We will assess your assembly systems based on their conditions and generate recommended actions for you from a multitude of options. Our tool kit enables us to configure and cost potential implementation options quickly and understandably. Your benefits from a capability assessment include:

  • Identification of potential efficiency improvements and cost reductions
  • Job-level capability assessment
  • Generation of implementation options
  • Cost estimate and economic feasibility studies

…and boost the cost effectiveness of you “factory of the future”.




New and Upgraded Supply Chain and Factory System Design




What will the resource-efficient factory of the future look like?

Our business unit specializes in the following range of services, which we offer you:

  • Assistance defining targets, from drafting to implementing a design
  • Feasibility and financial viability of resource-efficient factory structures
  • Design, construction and remodeling of office and factory buildings
  • Design of collaborative assembly systems for humans and robots incorporating human factors
  • Economic feasibility studies of different implementation options
  • Combination of market, product, process and resource specifications to design versatile structures
  • Consolidation of process flows by rigorously connecting corporate units
  • Tools for digitally transforming design and construction processes




Tool-Based Structural Design: Phase and Aggregation-Driven




Our business unit primarily relies on methods and tools developed specifically for the design of new and upgraded systems.

For instance, our interactive site footprint tool assesses the energy and economic impacts of design proposals to assess actions and to generate recommendations.

We use simulation studies to analyze for you the integrated impacts of changes in complex supply chain networks by systematically sizing and structuring the material and transportation flows to compare scenarios and to identify and eliminate confounding variables even before construction or upgrading.

We use tool-based multiple project management to combine a wide range of data formats with cross-project resource distribution and to facilitate integrated decision-making by collecting digital information from diverse sources centrally.




Factory Design Expertise Based on Knowledge and Experience




What distinguishes our expertise in factory design?

  • We work on site and integrate ourselves in your existing team.
  • We have years of project experience and extensive expertise in methodology and future issues (e.g. factory of the future, Industrie 4.0, BIM).
  • Supporting design and optimization technologies that improve functional flows facilitate the completion of the work on hand and adherence to budgets and schedules.
  • Digital transformation and data structuring tools merge all available and relevant data and information and supply all design information to everyone involved in construction.
  • Elimination of format changes simplifies data exchange between everyone involved.
  • Documents relevant to design can be generated from databases (e.g. requirements and functional specifications, interior specifications, documents for requests for bids).
  • Participative design methods foster acceptance of reorganization.

…and thus ensure the success of your design guaranteed.




Production Scheduling and Optimization




Are you reaching your capacity limits with your conventional manufacturing philosophy?

You need transparency for highly dynamic flows of goods and information. Intelligent logistical objects have information on their owners, conditions, current locations and destinations with them, thus creating the corresponding information flow. We will design, develop and test hardware and software solutions based on advanced identification and tracking technologies for you, emphasizing:

  • Process analyses and design
  • Option and launch management
  • Lead time and inventory optimization
  • Lean Six Sigma (including the introduction and optimization of Kanban loops)
  • MTM analyses of workflows
  • Container management (including RFID support)
  • Diagnostic and early warning systems

…and develop a future-oriented operations plan together with you.




ELISA for Periodic Inspections




Are you exasperated with time-consuming inspections of the condition of systems and equipment subject to inspection?

Our ELISA (Electronic Inspection Service Application) client-server software solution can be a big help. It quickly completes and digitally documents inspections of systems and equipment subject to inspection while complying with pertinent standards in official regulations. Our software additionally delivers:

  • unique identification of inspected items by means of Auto-ID (RFID, barcode etc.),
  • complete digital inspection records updated daily,
  • standardized, auditable inspections and documentation, and
  • fulfilment of the operator’s legal duties,

…thus ensuring that inspections are documented and daily and inalterably while consuming little time.




The ELISA inspection tool explained

Predictive Maintenance: Acting vs. Reacting




What good are advanced, efficient manufacturing and supply chain systems and equipment to anyone if they do not function dependably and reliably?

Implementing condition-based maintenance requires measuring load profiles and current technical conditions and forecasting changes in conditions. These data have to be aggregated so that they can be used to support decisions about operation and maintenance. Wir unterstützen We will help you organize such predictive maintenance by:

  • creating models based on experiential knowledge to quantify stresses,
  • ascertaining the wear allowance of components used variably,
  • forecasting changes in condition,
  • adjusting the maintenance strategy to be responsive, and
  • (re-)organizing maintenance operations and service partnerships,

…thus boosting the technical availability of your Anlagen systems and equipment and cutting direct downtime and maintenance costs.




The Statelogger system explained