Tagung/Konferenz  /  25. Juni 2023  -  29. Juni 2023, 8:30–18:00 Uhr

Power Tech

28.07.2023 | Cyber Security Session Vortrag (15:30–17:00 Uhr)
Net-Zero Energy Factories As Active Players In The Decarbonization Process. An Application For Blockchain
Pio Lombardi, Sandeep Yadav Mattepu, Bartlomiej Arendarski, Marc Richter, Fraunhofer IFF; Hannes Wasser, Przemyslaw Komarnicki, Magdeburg-Stendal University for Applied Sciences; Antonio Pantaleo, University of Bari Aldo Moro

More than 32 % of small and medium enterprises in Europe generate electricity using solar resources. The operation of net-zero energy factories of such industrial prosumers can help system operators to integrate better into the grid. The application of blockchain technologies can help the industrial operator to generate extra revenue by providing flexibility services to system operators. This study analyses the role that facility systems can play if they are designed as net-zero energy factories and integrate blockchain-based technologies in their processes.