Virtual Engineering

Virtual Engineering: From a Product's Design through Its Use

Virtual engineering methods and tools can integrate the digital description, modeling, simulation and optimization of a product throughout its entire life cycle – from the design development and manufacturing of a product up through its use. Product features can be validated at an early stage. The linkage with manufacturing planning can be used to optimize product and manufacturing costs. Users of equipment and systems can be trained on virtual models at an early stage. This reduces development times and costs drastically and minimizes development risks.

Our Services

  • Development of your custom machines based on virtual engineering – from the idea through commissioning and use
  • Development and implementation of virtual engineering solutions for your product development processes
  • Guidance when implementing integrated virtual engineering systems in your company

Your Benefits

  • Design of new products and machines that meet specifications
  • Savings of time and money through simultaneous engineering
  • Validation of product features before prototyping
  • Integration of commissioning, servicing, training and use